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IN SEARCH OF STEEL MAGNOLIAS is asking for you to submit your stories of women whose lives have been transformed by their relationship with Jesus Christ and are contributing to the world at large. Please submit your presentations either by emailing PDF or a video link to yourchoice@insearchofsteelmagnolias.com.
Please submit two photos (JPEG or PNG format) along with three references for the STEEL MAGNOLIA . We have no denominational preference. The significance is in their relationship with Christ and the legitimacy of their work.
We are not looking to make idols of people. We desire to show the world what it means to be " more than a conqueror, through Christ who strengthens us."  It is our belief that God is doing the miraculous through his daughters all around the world, each and every day. This is the legacy of our faith that we leave to the next generation. Our purpose is to inspire, encourage and challenge through the content on this website and this show.
It will not be possible to profile everyone on the show or feature everyone on the site named YOUR CHOICE. We would,however, like to recognize each submission as we are able and bring recognition to their church family and community.
It is our hope that this will become a grass roots movement. The world will begin to see that the daughters of God are over-comers, world changers, mountain movers, relevant and compassionate. We come in all shapes and sizes, nationalities and ethnicities. We are all ages and from various socio-economic backgrounds.
We have been unfairly characterized in the media. The world will always be filled with the insincere, but that doesn't represent the whole. Women who have truly had an experience with God, stand with their arms outstretched and their hearts lifted toward the One who saved them. We are imperfect human beings who serve a magnificent God who loves us in spite of ourselves. It is with a heart filled with love, that we love as we have been loved, and we give as we have been given.
I look forward to hearing from you and celebrating with you. As with Ruthie, we will say together, "LOOK WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE!"

© 2012 Legacy Films Development, Inc. 

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