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What type of show is "In Search of Steel Magnolias"?
This show features a combination of formats. It is an interview show that meets reality television, with surprise twists at the beginning and end of each episode. It is not like anything currently on the air or in distribution. It is designed to cross all barriers and reach women on a spiritual level, internationally. It unashamedly proclaims the name of Christ as it endeavors to break down prejudices and walls. It will be challenging, informative, inspiring, riveting, thought provoking, warm, funny and engaging. 

How will we be able to watch the show and how often?
The show is currently in development and pre-production. It is episodic and will feature the lives of twelve women and the thirteenth episode will be a finale and special event. Our goal is to be weekly programming, followed by DVD distribution.

What is the definition of a steel magnolia?
This term has been around for many years. It was originally used to describe southern women who were feminine and yet gutsy. These were the kind of women who settled the south. It is our belief that only God can truly create a "Steel Magnolia"... someone who has walked through deep water in their lives but through their faith in Him, has emerged to triumph personally and change the world around them. Their grit, determination and courage has not diminished their femininity in any way. They have not exchanged "strong as steel" for "tough as nails". Their strength is not born of this world.

How will you choose the women featured on the show and on the website?
Anyone can nominate a potential "Steel Magnolia." The instructions are on the contact page. It will not be possible to feature everyone on an episode, but they can be chosen to be featured on the site. Our goal is to celebrate as many women as possible. We want this to become a grass roots movement. Once a woman has been nominated, her story will be reviewed by our executive team. If we do not feature her, we will contact her pastor and have her local community recognize her. We will send her a gift and plaque acknowledging how thankful to God we are for the contribution of her life.

Is the show connected in any way to the movie "Steel Magnolia"?
In 2012, Peggy learned that the movie "Steel Magnolias," was based on a true story about a woman named Susan Robinson played by Julia Roberts. Susan was from Natchitoches, Louisiana and was married to a man named Pat Robinson from Westlake, Louisiana. Her mother-in-law and extended family were also from Westlake. Amazingly, Peggy grew up spending summers in ministry with her mother and father in the Westlake and the northern Louisiana communities. The memories she has of the Robinson family are counted as some of the most precious of her life. The events featured in the movie happened after Peggy's last visit to Westlake in 1981. In February of 2012, Peggy was reunited with this community and Susan's extended family. She was also delighted to share the weekend with "Ouiser," Louise Duvall, who was Susan's dear friend. After spending time with everyone that weekend and hearing Susan's true story, it became clear to Peggy that Susan was to be the first woman featured as a true Steel Magnolia.

How can we support this movement?
You can support our movement when you visit our store to buy products, advertise or sponsor this website. Tell your friends and family about us, and join us as we take a stand in this generation.  Our goal is to visit churches around the world to spotlight and support unsung women who are spreading the gospel and becoming world changers through His power and grace. 

How can we have Peggy or Sharon come be a guest speaker at our event?
Contact us via phone or email. It is also possible to have the cast come and share their unique testimonies. That may not be financially feasible in some situations. In this case, Peggy and Sharon will be available and can bring some of the cast, dependent upon availability.

How will we be updated as the project moves forward?
Peggy and the cast members will be featured on an IN SEARCH OF STEEL MAGNOLIAS blog. Follow us as we share our thoughts and journey with us on our adventures. In the blog, you will have the opportunity to get to know each of us. This show represents a journey within a journey. The cast is no different than the audience, as we will be changed, motivated and inspired through this process.

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